A Tyrichedno is a very special Monjoo, universally loved by all other Monjoo. They are always smiling… despite how empty and sad they may feel inside. Often seen racing around fridges on their magnets, the Tyrichednus are loathe to admit they might be slower than they hoped and therefore are equally as often found mumbling that their magnet is down on brake-monjoo-power or needs tuning to c-major or the transmission needs looking at or something. This only makes them more adorable. When they are not racing and mostly beating other magnet monsters, they love to eat all the bread and crisps and chocolate spread and fruit and whatever else you’ve inexplicably put in the fridge that doesn’t belong there. They regard this as a civic duty to keep the fridge free for stuff that should be in it… like beer! A position which makes them among the most correct Monjoo in the World.


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