The Paternattalus is a member of the rare sub-family of Monjoo – the Merry Monjoos – which Monmaster Professors believe can only be found in very large red socks hanging on fireplaces. These pot belly pranksters are thought to lead the Merry Monjoo and are often found in groups containing the Tannendentro, the Coelumkatakus and the Kali Jolidakri. They absolutely love playing the Conga song on their twin decks, followed up with a little touch of McCartney to really bring in the atmos and they will often ask you to “put your hands in the air” without any sense of irony. In their downtime they ride down the internet pipes into the dusty floorboard gaps of houses the World over to ensure that the entire Monjoo family get at least one monster present every year. Monmaster Professors believe this is to make up for their terrible DJ-ing.


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