Kali Jolidakri



The Jolidakry or “pretty teardrop” as other Monjoo like to call them, are one of the best pets to have. They are clean, tidy, polite and quite funny. In fact they sound nothing like a Monjoo at all! However they do suffer from one tiny weeny little character flaw – so small it’s probably not worth mentioning in fact. Really, it’s not important. Oh… OK…. they just love to eat human necks a little bit is all. They’re not a vampire though! Perish the thought, vampires are not polite at all! Jolidakry will always say please and thank you before starting their meal.

The Kali Jolidakri are a special candy-coloured seasonal species for hanging on your Christmas tree. Please be aware that because they can’t get to your neck they will try to open any presents they can get near to find something else to eat.  Please place nearer the top of the tree for safety reasons!


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