Monjoo Review 4 – Menu Gordon Jones

This review is brought to you by Desordra who visited Menu Gordon Jones

This is part 4 in our local review series where the Monjoo tell you where they’ve been and what they think of their home town of Bath.

Menu Gordon Jones is one of Bath’s most interesting restuarants – their tag-line is ‘let the chef surprise you’ and he certainly does. There’s no ‘a la carte’,  just a 5 or 6 course ‘tasting menu’ where anything could happen!  if you want you can also have the wine flight where each course is served with a glass of wine which will compliment the flavours of the dish.  The restaurant is in Bear Flat – don’t let the unimposing exterior fool you – this is a place to take your foodie friends if you really want to impress!

So Desordra – you certainly lucked out getting taken here right? Menu Gordon Bennett!  Yes, this is some fancy-pants night out!

What sort of things did you eat? A whole lot of stuff I’d never even heard of – Kimchi, cremeux, pannacotta, ceviche. There was more foam and gel and jus than a Masterchef final!

And to drink? Wine, wine, wine, wine and some wine

And was it tasty?  Let me tell you – my taste buds were well and truly tickled.

What was your favourite course? If I told you it was a purple splodge made of beetroot, cucumber and cabbage would you believe me? Er, no!

Was the service good? They are the friendliest chaps and chapesses I’ve come across and they certainly know their beans … and mushrooms and cheeses ….

Looks pretty expensive. Listen, sweet cheeks – don’t you worry your pretty little head about the cashola when you’re with your old mate Des!  How much? £100 per person including booze

‘Mon’ stars out of 10 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

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