What is a Monjoo?

This mystifying question has been perplexing Monmaster Professors for as many minutes as there are Monjoo multiplied by the mess that that many Monjoo might make. That’s mostly maths. What we do know is Monjoo hate maths. Not much is really known beyond this, except that they are lovably ugly pet monsters and this is probably the most important thing to know about them.

No, what are they really?

Alright alright, I was just getting to the good stuff. Ahem. Most Monmanster Professors posit a “dark sector” in the Universe, a place beyond the Standard Monjoo of Physics that they cannot probe with normal smelly experiments. Which is their way of saying they might have made it up. It’s somewhere between your floorboards and the room downstairs they say. And if it exists (it definitely does exist), the quantum “fluff” that definitely might exist in that gap is definitely probably believed to contain the secret to the Monjhoos… the fabled home all Monjoo. Quantum Monjanics  says the the Monjhoos gives rise to many “flavours” of Monjoo, which is why the…

Stop it! just tell me what they are!

OK spoil-sport, Monjoo are exclusive handcrafted lovably ugly pet monsters created by StudioAnjou based in Bath, UK. They are made from polymer clay – each one is totally unique and comes with either a high-quality keyring attachment, charm cord or magnet. They vary in size but are usually between 3cm to 5cm high.

Monjoo are generally well behaved but are not suitable for small children as they don’t like to be eaten.