About Us

Monjoo are exclusive handcrafted lovably ugly pet monsters created by StudioAnjou based in Bath, UK.


The Monjoo first appeared on Etsy in 2013 but soon got too big for their boots and demanded their own shop.  The Monjoo have travelled far and wide, there are Monjoo in handbags in Holland, on fridges in France and hanging on Christmas trees in California.  They have also been featured in UK Craftseller magazine.


What our customers say about their Monjoo

★★★★★ Super cute! My boys will love them.

★★★★★ I have fallen in love with this little guy even though he was meant for a gift, super fast delivery, amazing customer service and the cutest packaging. all round a great way to buy something different 🙂

★★★★★ The only trouble with these little guys is that every time new ones are made I want to buy more – there is a danger that my house will be full of them especially as they are now available as fridge magnets etc.

★★★★★ They are just adorable and knowing that they are unique and hand made adds to the delight. The delivery was very fast and they arrived well packed in their own little boxes. Brilliant

★★★★★ Got my Monjoos. Even better in real life. Put a smile on my grumpy face today. Thanks


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